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Misiones Rainforest Webcam

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Wildlife webcam streams live footage from the Atlantic Rainforest in Misiones, north-eastern Argentina: an ecosystem that is more threatened than the Amazon Rainforest.

Red-crested Finch on the wildlife webcam

The Misiones Rainforest webcam is perfect for tropical bird watching: have you spotted this Red-crested Finch yet?

World Land Trust (WLT) is working to protect this habitat and wildlife with local partners and indigenous communities, through the Misiones Rainforest conservation project.

Try and spot some of the tropical bird species that are regular visitors to the feeding table in front of the webcam: the Rufous-collared Sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis), Red-crested Finch (Coryphospingus cucullatus), Pale-breasted Thrush (Turdus leucomelas), Rufous-bellied Thrush (Turdus rufiventris), Ruby-crowned Tanager (Tachyphonus coronatus), Black-goggled Tanager (Lanio [Trichothraupis] melanops), Green-winged Saltator (Saltator similis), and Plush-crested Jay (Cyanocorax chrysops).

All the webcams were setup by WLT's Web Multimedia Officer, Luciano Breves, who is a wildlife filmmaker and conservationist working to protect the forests of Brazil.

Join Luciano and other nature enthusiasts across the world on the Wildlife Webcam Chat (featured bottom right) and get your wildlife questions answered by the expert.

The webcam is in a wild and remote spot, so we apologise but there will occasionally be problems with the signal. Also, please note that for a few hours a day the forest is shrouded in fog.

Key corporate supporters of Misiones Rainforest conservation project are Eurojersey, Calypso Soft Drinks and PricewaterhouseCoopers

If your company would like to support a webcam, please contact WLT


Donate to the Misiones Emerald Green Corridor Appeal »


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