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Stafford Railway Building Society

Stafford Railway Building Society was formed in 1877 by a small group of railway workers who wanted a means of saving and financing new homes for themselves. The Society aims to offer mortgage and savings products which are easy to understand, gimmick free and with no small print or hidden charges. The Society has a good record of winning annual awards in What Mortgage? magazine.

Since 1999 Stafford Railway has supported WLT through offering an affinity account to their members

Save Money and Save Threatened Habitats an Affinity Savings Account

If you have a bit of money spare please consider putting it into the WLT Affinity Savings Account with the Stafford Railway Building Society. The Society gives a good rate of interest and pays a sum equal to 1% of the average yearly balance to WLT.

250th WLT account

Dr Gwilym Matthew Davies & his wife Elaine, have opened the 250th WLT account with Stafford Railway Building Society.

If just 500 WLT supporters each invested £1,000 for a year, the SRBS would donate £5,000 to WLT. And if the money remains untouched, the addition of interest would mean that more acres could be saved year on year. Quite simply, the more you invest the more the WLT gets to work with. At the same time your investment is earning interest and remains available for you to withdraw on demand.

To find out more, visit Stafford Railway Building Society's website:

Save Wildlife When You Take Out a Mortgage

If WLT supporters take out a mortgage with the Society, or transfer an existing mortgage to it, the Society has offered to make a payment to the World Land Trust on the day that your mortgage starts. To find out more about the mortgage options offered, visit Stafford Railway Building Society's website:

The payments below only apply if the mortgage is on a property that you occupy as your home (including second homes) and if you do not want to borrow more than 75% of its value.

 Amount of mortgage Amount paid to the WLT (Acres saved)
£ 50,000 to £200,000£200 (2 acres)
£200,000 to £400,000£400 (4 acres)

Unless you request otherwise, Stafford Railway will make the payment to WLT in YOUR name.

Further Information

Further information and a quotation are available as follows:

  • Via – you can even apply online.
  • From Emma Parker (Member Services Manager) at the Society on 0845 456 1001 or 01785 223212 (Switchboard)
  • From Sue Houghton (Mortgage administration on 0845 456 1001 or 01785 223212 (Switchboard)
  • In writing from Stafford Railway Building Society, 4 Market Square, Stafford ST16 2JH

VERY IMPORTANT: To ensure that WLT receives a payment you must identify yourself as a WLT supporter. Please do this in Section Z of the mortgage application form (paper based applications) or in the supplementary information section (online applications).

Please note that the WLT is not registered with the Financial Services Authority and is therefore NOT acting as an introducer to the Society nor can it endorse or recommend the Stafford Railway Building Society in any way. Supporters using the scheme must contact the Society direct and make their own decision whether or not any mortgage offered to them is suitable for their purposes. The WLT is NOT connected to the Stafford Railway Building Society in any way.

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