Saving threatened habitats worldwide

Aeye Technologies

Aeye is a pioneer in integrating smart technologies into business solutions and provides services supporting the organisational decision-making activities:

  • analytics solutions leading to better business decision-making;
  • solutions to support your business and organisational decision-making activities;
  • solutions that make decisions without any "human" intervention

Aeye supports the World Land Trust by offsetting its little carbon foot-print through the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced offsetting program. We further advertise and fund the World Land Trust programs via our and our partners' various channels and activities - websites, products, campaigns, consulting, and other opportunities. Every solution and service we provide is designed to help our customers reduce their carbon foot-print, and promoting the World Land Trust and its Ecosystem Services is usually a part of it.

Furthermore, we are working on some technical solutions to help avert the environmental challenges ahead. This is quite a major focus for us, and a lot of resources go into this endeavour. This is what makes the business and its technology worthwhile!

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