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Valentine’s Day Gift with a Green Twist

Valentine's Lovebirds

Instead of buying flowers that soon wilt away, plant five trees for your Valentine in the heart of Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest. An original, environmentally-friendly Valentine's gift that will grow and flourish.

For as little as £25, this unique gift idea will help improve the habitat for an array of threatened wildlife and is the perfect way to share your love for the natural world.

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What will your Valentine's gift donation achieve?

In a nature reserve in Brazil, supported by World Land Trust (WLT), we are helping to improve the rainforest habitat for wildlife through the Plant a Tree with WLT appeal.

Many of the native trees being planted provide a vital resource, such as fruits for rainforest animals. By replanting these species we hope to provide animals in nearby forests with enriched resources, improving their survival prospects.

By expanding the reserve's natural forest it is also possible to recreate a continuous habitat for wildlife; this is vital for far-ranging species, such as Pumas that are known to travel through the reserve. For these animals being able to roam is essential to forage for food, travel in search of mating partners to breed, and gives them room to avoid conflict with people.

This Valentine's Day show your passion for saving the world's wild spaces by donating £25 today to plant five trees for your Valentine, who will receive a personalised gift pack or certificate.


Valentine's Gift Pack

Gift Pack

By donating £25 or more your Valentine will receive a special gift pack and a personalised certificate. You can choose to send your gift as a paper pack or an emailed certificate, as an even more environmentally-friendly option. Whether you choose a posted pack or emailed certificate it will be personalised specially for your Valentine.

What is in the Valentine's Gift Pack?

Delivery information

For delivery before Valentine's Day (UK only) the recommended last order date for printed gift packs is 12 February. If you request it to be sent directly to your Valentine then we will send it by First Class post just before Valentine's Day so that the delivery is as accurate as possible. Last recommended order date for an emailed certificate is 13 February.

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