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Fundraising online

Setting up an online fundraising page is quick, easy and free. The fundraising websites JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving make it easy for you to collect funds online for World Land Trust (WLT) and making donations is completely secure.

Start fundraising now

To set up your fundraising page for WLT just follow the links below. We suggest you browse the sites first as they all have different features and styles. For help and advice from our Donations Manager, call us on +44 (0) 1986 874422 or contact us via email or post.

Fundraise with Virgin Money Giving
Start fundraising with JustGiving
  1. Simply choose a fundraising site and set up a page.
  2. Add pictures and information about your event and why you want to support World Land Trust.
  3. Share your page with everyone you know.

More about online fundraising

Your fundraising webpage will accept donations by credit or debit card, and for some sites by text or Paypal. If you set a target amount the page will show your progress towards it. While donating to your fundraising event, your sponsors can leave comments - the perfect way to keep motivated.

Tips on making the most of your fundraising page

Online donations are automatically passed to WLT and fundraising websites also claim Gift Aid for us. We pay a small administration fee for these services. This varies between sites, but is more cost-effective for us than dealing with paper sponsorship forms.
  • Personalise your page as much as possible: add photos and write about what you are doing.
  • Email your close friends first: they are likely to be generous and later donors will tend to match the donation amounts they can see listed on the page.
  • Contact your local paper, radio and TV stations and tell them about your fundraising efforts.
  • Use social media: see if you can get your fundraising circulating on Facebook or Twitter. WLT will be happy to retweet and like your posts.
  • Let everyone know how it went, and thank them: about 20 per cent of donations come in after the event has taken place.

For more advice, download WLT's Fundraising Pack for Individuals or get in touch.

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