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Class 5X at Lyndhurst School
Money raised: 
Rainforests in Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina

Class 5X's Rainforest Corridor

Teacher Mrs Hughes describes how 5X raised £160 towards the conservation of Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina:

"We study the rainforest in the Lent (Spring) term. We turned an empty corridor into a rainforest by hanging string across and festooning it with leaves, animals and lianas. The children did projects on rainforest animals and wrote a diary from the point of view of a Yanomami tribes person."

"We decided to bring in cakes which we put on a cake stall and the rest of the school bought and ate them. We also had a sweetie machine and a ball throwing competition for prizes. The children organised everything themselves and we were really pleased with the amount we could raise and save!"

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