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Atlantic Rainforest © Emily Horton
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“We wore clothes like explorers, animals and natives instead of our uniform. We went into assembly to learn a rainforest song. In the morning Mrs. Sheppard cut up lots of different fruit from the rainforest…we chose four fruits and put them on a stick to eat. We enjoyed trying new fruits. We also made paper leaves…also we made rainforest cookes…we cooked them and ate them at the end of the day. They were delicious. After our rainforest day we had a film night. Children had to pay £2 to watch Rio. We sold snacks for 50p and sweets for 10p…It was very hectic, wild and crazy. When it had finished we played on the field. The day after rainforest day we got into our house groups and gave a talk about four different charities. Each house had a vote to see which talk was best. Your charity, World Land Trust, won and we have used the £100 that we raised on Rainforest Movie Night to buy an acre of rainforest.”

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