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Dulwich International College raised money to buy Two Acres
Money raised: 
2 acres
Ecuador Rainforests

Class 8Y Delivery Service Saves Rainforest

When a letter arrived with a stamp from Phuket, Thailand the last thing we were expecting was a donation to the World Land Trust. But the pupils of Class 8Y had been studying rainforests in Geography and came to realise their importance and wanted to do something to help. They raised funds by offering a ‘Delivery Service’ taking orders for delivery of flowers, chocolates, letters and poems. Items ordered were then delivered during registration period one morning the following week. This raised £50 to buy Two Acres and World Land Trust would like to thank 8Y for all their hard work, earning them a place in our Hall of Fame.

During the days following the tsunami, the College acted as a help centre, providing food, shelter, counselling, nursing care and transport for those in need of assistance. In addition to opening their doors to tsunami victims, Dulwich also accommodated many doctors and nurses who came from other parts of Thailand to help in the hospitals, embassy staff, United Nations officials and displaced hotel staff. Dulwich staff also provided support at hospitals and getting supplies to many families who had lost their possessions. Dulwich IB students are involved in a community project in Bang Tao to help rebuild the village there.

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