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REGUA, Brazil © Chris Knowles
4 acres
Rainforest in Paraguay, India, Brazil and Ecuador

Rainforest Café

In the 2009 Spring term the whole of key stage two studied the rainforest as their topic. During this time they learnt all about the different layers of the rainforest, what products come from them that we used and how they are being destroyed.

Wanting to raise awareness of this and help protect the rainforests in any way they could, the pupils decided to hold a rainforest café to raise some funds:

"We designed and made our own fruits drinks and snacks and then made posters and sent invites to our family and friends. We held the Rainforest Café on Wednesday 1st of April. Each class took it in turn to serve our guests. Everyone really enjoyed it and we received very positive feedback from parents. We are really proud that because of our efforts we have managed to protect 4 acres of the rainforest."

The money raised by Carlton Primary School was used to save rainforest in Paraguay, India, Brazil and Ecuador.

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