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The Laguna Grande area © FUNDAECO

Key activities, species and places of interest

  • 4 different ecosystems around the Laguna Grande-Sarstún Reserve: flooded forests, wetlands, mangroves, tropical wet forests.
  • 400+ species of birds, other wildlife including West Indian Manatee, Jaguar and turtles.
  • Activities at the reserves include walking nature trails, kayaking and swimming in 'natural emerald pools'.
  • Biodiversity centre, serpentarium exhibition and excellent interpretation trail at Las Escobas.
  • Excellent guides available.

The Laguna Grande-Sarstún Reserve is a 1,668 acre (675 hectare) reserve located at the centre of the largest contiguous riparian forest on the Guatemalan side of the Rio Sarstún. The area encompasses a unique system of lagoons, mangroves, flooded forests, lowland forests and karstic mountain forests between sea level and 385m. The reserve is just south of the border with Belize.

Fitness levels required

This is variable depending on the activity but generally a medium to high level of fitness will allow you to make the most of your visit.

Seasonal information

Occasional rainfall occurs year round in the tropics but the drier months are from September to May in Guatemala.


Ecotourism helps FUNDAECO's conservation activities in a number of ways including bringing additional income sources to local communities to help improve their standard of living and helping to fund environmental education.

Eco Lodge Lagunita Creek, Laguna Grande-Sarstún Reserve

  • Very comfortable accommodation with room for up to 14 people. 2 private rooms with bathrooms and 2 shared rooms with shared bathrooms are available.
  • Approx US$50 pp/night, no cooking facilities but excellent meals are available if booked in advance and can be included in the price.
  • 5 hours from La Aurora airport in Guatemala City. The last 45 minutes of the route is by boat which FUNDAECO will arrange for you.

Eco Lodge Cerro San Gil, Carboneras Reserve

  • Space for up to 12 people in 2 dormitories, there are also options for camping and equipment can be provided. Shared bathroom facilities and no hot water.
  • Approx US$40 pp/night. There are cooking facilities, meals are also available if booked in advance and can be included in the price.
  • 6 hours from La Aurora airport, Guatemala City. The reserve is accessible by road.

Additional sites

Las Escobas Tropical Rainforest Trail, Cerro San Gil Water Protected Area

  • No accommodation but excellent tourist facilities including a biodiversity centre, serpentarium exhibition, visitor centre, trails with bridges and observation decks.
  • Approx US$16 pp entrance fees. Meals are available if booked in advance.
  • 5 hours from La Aurora airport, Guatemala City. The site is accessible by road.

More information can be found on the following websites: 



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