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Quotes from Books for Conservation Recipients


Books for Conservation

A partnership between the World Land Trust and NHBS Environment Bookstore


"Thank you very much indeed for the most generous donation of books from the World Land Trust and the Natural History Book Service... it has become a modest resource but one that is both useful for our staff and we have had external Mauritian researchers accessing information too. There are limited opportunities in Mauritius to obtain a wide range of reference books and there is the financial aspect of it too. So we are very happy to be able to acquire books on such a diverse range of biological topics which will be most useful for our staff and students."

Deborah de Chazal
Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

"The book donation which we received by World Land Trust was a wonderful gift for us. These books will certainly contribute to the enhancement of our educational work, inspire our trainers and help them to prepare their lessons more precisely."

Barbara Siebert
Programme Director, FPWC, Armenia

“… despite being a very modest library it certainly sees a lot of use by the local university students! Our collection is far more extensive and up to date than anything the university is able to offer sadly due to lack of funding. Your books from the World Land Trust have been a really valuable addition so we all thank you very much."

Dr Karen Freeman
Director of Madagascar Fauna Group, Tomasina, E Madagascar

"Thank you so much for the excellent selection of books. They will be extremely useful for survey work and environmental management and went down very well with the volunteers running our agricultural project with local communities."

Alice Courage
Manda Wilderness Project, Mozambique

"I am writing to thank you for all the books which have arrived safely in our institution in Papua."

Agustina Arobaya
PPKH Biodiversity Research Centre, West Papua, Indonesia

"The Uganda Society thanks you for your generous donation of books to our library. We are a volunteer organisation and do not have funds for buying books. These books are a significant addition to our collection. We lost 4000 volumes during the period of civil unrest."

Ann Apio, Librarian
The Uganda Society, Uganda

"One of the bird field guides is now being used by the driver who is becoming very adept at identifying the birds as well as the field researchers."

Nick Lindsay
Zoological Society of London
Referring to books donated to the Vulture Care Centre in Pinjore, India

"Finding foreign scientific literature is really a problem in the countries of the former USSR, therefore the books we got from you are indeed of large importance for rising level of knowledge as well as for running several current projects."

Dr. Pavel Tomkovich
Working Group on Waders, Moscow

"These books will be extremely useful to our local staff as well as the students from the local university who regularly consult our library."

Rob Wallace, Director
Northwestern Bolivian Andes Landscape Conservation Programme, Bolivia


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