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Books for Conservation (2002-2015)

FPWC receives Books for Conservation

Books for Conservation

A partnership between World Land Trust and NHBS - Everything for wildlife, science & environment (2002 - 2015)


The Books for Conservation programme was an exciting partnership between World Land Trust (WLT) and the Natural History Book Service (NHBS), which ran for more than a decade.

From simple beginnings in 2002 when the NHBS donated books surplus to their requirements to WLT, this programme developed into an important resource for struggling NGOs throughout the world.

The programme closed in 2015, after WLT was unable to store the large number of books. Applications are no longer accepted, but partner NGOs and other NGOs who visit WLT office are always welcome to browse a small selection of reference books still available.

How the programme worked

  • WLT regularly received donations of used and slightly damaged books from the NHBS
  • These books were added to the Books for Conservation catalogue
  • When WLT received an application the NGO was evaluated to check its eligibility to receive books
  • The organisation also had to have a means of personally couriering the books to their intended destination
  • The NGO was then sent the current book catalogue
  • Once the organisation had selected their books, collection was organised

Programme success

WLT was able to assist most of its programme partners with important reference books. Other organisations also benefited and books were dispatched across wide areas of the world, including Brazil, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Mauritius, Mozambique and Turkey. Each consignment had an average commercial value of around US$200.

“Finding foreign scientific literature is really a problem in the countries of the former USSR; therefore the books we got from you are indeed of large importance for increasing levels of knowledge, as well as for running several current projects.”

Dr Pavel Tomkovich
Working Group on Waders, Moscow

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