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Blue-throated Macaw Appeal

Blue-throated Macaw Appeal

Target: £20,000

Raised: £20,000


This appeal is now closed.

Update: This appeal is now closed.

World Land Trust would like to thank all the generous supporters of the Blue-throated Macaw Appeal. With your help, we have raised £20,000 for Asociación Armonía to substitute the fences around the Barba Azul Reserve with more than 1,000 Vochysia divergens ‘Aliso’ trees. 

1,000 trees to help save a species

Blue-throated Macaws are critically threatened with extinction, as less than 250 still exist in the wild. They can only be found in two subpopulations within the Beni Savanna of Bolivia, and this habitat is vital to the survival of this striking parrot species.

Thousands of trees in this critical habitat are being logged each year to create fence-posts for cattle ranches and reserves, which are under frequent need of replacement as they decay quickly in the tropical conditions.

You can help us relieve this logging pressure and simultaneously enrich the macaw habitat of Barba Azul by supporting the Blue-throated Macaw appeal. Your donation will enable World Land Trust’s (WLT) partner Asociación Armonía to create Bolivia’s first Natural Fencing project by planting 1,000 trees around the reserve over two years.

Blue-throated Macaws

Blue-throated Macaw

Blue-throated Macaws are an especially eye-catching macaw with a turquoise hood and throat, golden chest and delicate black markings around their eyes. Their beauty, intelligence and playful natures have made them popular in the pet trade; nesting cavities are raided for chicks which can be sold abroad for thousands of dollars.

Armonía has been working to protect the macaws and save the wild population from extinction by protecting their feeding habitats from clearance and preventing poachers from raiding nesting cavities, as well as raising local awareness of their conservation status. Your support of this appeal will help ensure the survival of this stunning macaw’s population in the wild.

The disappearing trees

The Beni Savanna is the only place in the world that Blue-throated Macaws can be found in the wild, and they are dependent on the tree species found in forest islands within this habitat for food and nesting.

Beni Savanna

Unfortunately, as the Beni Savanna is mostly owned and managed by cattle ranchers, many hardwood trees in this area are being cleared to make fence-posts. Fencing is necessary to keep cattle from straying into neighbouring ranches, but the humidity and frequent fires of this habitat mean that the current fencing is in need of regular replacement. This creates a constant cycle of unsustainable fencing and pressure on local trees, in turn affecting the endangered macaws which rely upon them for food and nesting.

A sustainable solution

Natural fencing is a sustainable, wildlife-friendly solution for all. This project will first plant more than 1,000 Vochysia ‘Aliso’ trees around Barba Azul Reserve in the first ‘natural fencing’ model in Bolivia.

Blue-throated Macaw Appeal Logo

The Vochysia ‘Aliso’ trees are resistant to the conditions which deteriorate normal fencing in the Beni Savanna: fires, floods and humidity. They are also an important food source for the Blue-throated Macaws, which flock to their branches when they produce fruit in September and October.

This model could be used as an example for neighbouring cattle ranches, and your donation will also help Armonía start a local nursery for Vochysia ‘Aliso’ trees, which can be sold to neighbouring ranches as alternative fencing. The income from this project will help move the reserve towards self-sustainability, ensuring the conservation of the Blue-throated Macaw for generations to come.

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