How to use the Virtual Tours

At first the Virtual Tours will appear as a normal photo but in reality they are actually 360 degree panoramic views that can be rotated in all directions, zoom in and out, as well as jumping from one panoramic "scene" or "node" to another. The following features allow the user to explore the Virtual Tours:

The Controller

The controller includes controls for zooming in and out as well as the "show hotspot buttons" which shows you all the "hotspot" areas in the current scene.

Note: If you have clicked to see the larger version of a Virtual Tour you may not be able to see the controller as it is hidden at the bottom of the screen. Use the full screen option in your browser to remove the menu bars. (e.g. F11 in Internet Explorer).

The Pointer

When you point your cursor over the image itself in a QTVR movie, your cursor will change to a 'Pointer'.

Dragging and Arrows

Click once and drag to rotate the view. As you drag, the cursor will change to arrows like these:


Used to jump between the different scenes in the tours.

Zoom In

You can use your keyboard's 'Shift' key to zoom In. As you zoom in the cursor will change.

This can also be accomplished by clicking the 'Zoom In' icon on the QTVR movie's 'Controller'.

Zoom Out

You can use your keyboard's 'Control' key to zoom out. As you zoom out the cursor will change.

How to use

To rotate the view, move your cursor inside the window, hold your mouse button down and drag the panorama in any direction. For example, if you wanted to see what was to the left of the view you were currently seeing, you would hold down the mouse button on the picture and move the cursor to the left. You can also rotate the camera using the arrow keys on your keyboard (you will need to click on the picture first to tell your web browser what you want the arrow keys to do).

To zoom in and out of the tours either hold down the CTRL button and press - + buttons to zoom out or zoom in respectively or use the - + signs on the controller at the bottom of the Virtual Tour.

"Hot spots" are used to move between the different "scenes" or "nodes" in the tours. When you are browsing around a scene look for the cursor to change to the "hotspot" icon (shown above) which indicates that you have found a "hotspot" and the gateway to another scene. Click on the hotspot once to to jump to that scene.