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Treasure Chest Appeal: News

  • 17 October 2017
    After visiting World Land Trust’s (WLT) project areas in Caribbean Guatemala last year, WLT Deputy Director of Communications and Development Dan Bradbury reflects on the imp...
  • 11 October 2017
    Big Match Fortnight is underway, with £50,000 of donations pouring in for the Treasure Chest Appeal, which has now been doubled by match sponsors to £100,000. The ap...
  • 04 October 2017
    Elephant ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales… awareness of wildlife trafficking is higher than ever. But the world’s most trafficked wild product, with its associations...
  • 04 October 2017
    Lipstick, chocolate, shampoo, ice cream, bread, ketchup, Nutella, detergent, fizzy drinks… the world’s most popular vegetable oil can be found everywhere you look in t...
  • 03 October 2017
    WLT’s latest project, the tropical rainforest of Sierra Santa Cruz, is a hotspot for rare and endangered amphibians, from toads to caecilians to Red-eyed Treefrogs (right), r...
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