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Ranger Virab: News

Ranger Virab

Reserve ranger: Virab
Country: Armenia
Partner organisation: Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets 

Ranger Virab works in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, keeping it safe from illegal logging and its species safe from poaching and trophy hunting.

The reserve is home to species such as Brown Bears, Grey Wolves, Caucasian Lynx and Bezoar Goats.

Prior to joining FPWC, Virab would hunt occasionally. Now that he earns enough money by protecting animals, he has no need to go hunting.

Becoming a Keeper of the Wild has changed Virab’s life: “I can now communicate the importance of nature and the environment to other people and learn valuable lessons about conservation,” he said.

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Read about ranger Virab's wildlife encounters and adventures from the field:

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