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  • 16 March 2003
    Fire heading towards the ranch. See larger image. (Use your back button to return here.) The Ranch if Hopes (Estancia La Esperanza) is a 15,000 acre Patagonian Nature Reserve...
  • 26 February 2003
    Jocotoco Antpitta, first discovered in what is now the Tapichalaca reserve. Doug Wechsler/© VIREO Dr Niels Krabbe recently wrote to the WLT with some exciting findings f...
  • 13 February 2003
    Using Flagship Species to Promote Conservation John Burton, CEO of the World Land Trust, discusses the use of popular, ‘cuddly’ animals to raise funds for conservation...
  • 23 October 2002
    A seminar involving scientific experts, government and business representatives, NGOs and other interest groups, was held in January 2002 to discuss "How tropical forest proje...
  • 16 October 2002
    The new rainforest - the orange dots show the border with the existing reserve, and the yellow dots show the extent of the new land purchased. See larger image. (Use your back b...
  • 09 October 2002
    Burrowing Parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus), Taken from A Guide to the Birds and Mammals of Coastal Patagonia © Graham Harris, Princeton University Press. See larger image. (U...
  • 09 October 2002
    The Burrowing Parrot of South America, is a widespread and often very abundant species. So abundant that it is often considered a pest, and shot. But could it be endangered? The C...
  • 17 June 2002
    ECOTRUST Uganda is a dynamic new conservation organisation that provides funding for environmental and conservation initiatives in Uganda. The Chief Executive of the World Land Tru...
  • 07 March 2002
    The World Land Trust's only UK project and location of its "Trees for Peanuts" scheme, is starting to undergo rapid development with the help and hard work of the Bri...
  • 28 February 2002
    Amongst the negative press that currently surrounds Argentina, there is still some good news. Despite financial struggle, World Land Trust partners, Fundación Patagonia Natu...
  • 29 January 2001
    World Land Trust Seminar held at the Linnean Society of London, 29th January 2001 A one-day seminar was held to discuss the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, and what role car...
  • 13 October 2000
    The World Land Trust is urgently raising funds to create a 20,000 acre reserve in the coastal steppe of Patagonia. The reserve is being established to protect a wide range of the r...


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