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Song of the Golden Hare

Front cover illustration of Song of the Golden Hare.
Date and Time: 
3 May - 13 June 2014
World Land Trust gallery, Halesworth

Original illustrations and sketches for Song of the Golden Hare went on public display for the first time in World Land Trust (WLT) gallery in May 2014.

Song of the Golden Hare is a beautiful picture book, written and illustrated by Jackie Morris, who lives and works in Pembrokeshire. The inspiration for the book is best described in Jackie’s own words.

Books begin in different places. Song of the Golden Hare began with a strong desire to write a story featuring hares. I had no other idea in mind but took this wish for a walk over a period of days.

When you stand on the hill above my house, a place where I often go to write, on a clear day you can see Ireland. This was one of the threads that was drawn in to make the weft of the story. The warp came from other places. It is, I think, a story about courage and patience, about finding your voice and your place in the world, about regeneration and rebirth.

I have seen hares run from their forms across green fields in late evening sun slanted light to leap honey coloured Cotswold stone walls.

I have seen hares on Derbyshire hillsides in twilight and one cross a road, loping like a long legged mythical creature, seeming to be the size of a small deer.

All this helps while capturing images in the mind’s eye.

Found only in Ireland, Irish Hares (Lepus timidus hibernicus) are descendants of the Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus scoticus), and not the lowland Brown Hare (Lepus Europeaus). And, despite their mythical status, there are some Irish Hares that are golden in colour. WLT Patron Chris Packham visited Northern Ireland's Rathlin Island where he filmed ‘golden hares’.

Exhibition opening and book signing

Jackie signed copies of Song of the Golden Hare at the opening of the exhibition and during her residency at the gallery.

Artist in residence

Jackie was in residence at WLT gallery for the first weekend of the exhibition (3/4 May 2014). On 4 May she divided her time between WLT gallery and an outreach session in Halesworth Library, which is across the road from the gallery. She was in residence again for two days in the exhibition’s final week (11/12 June).

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Jackie was in Halesworth Library on Sunday 4 May, 12-2.30pm, where she offered a drop-in craft session for children.

Exhibition opening hours

WLT gallery was open Monday to Friday 10am–4pm and closed on both the May Bank Holidays 5 May and 26 May.

Weekend opening: WLT gallery was pen on Saturday/Sunday 3/4 May, 10am–4pm.

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