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Emeralds for Elephants - India 2011

Emeralds for Elephants
Date and Time: 
14 October 2011
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

Emeralds for Elephants India 2011, saw a bespoke collection of Zambian emerald jewellery auctioned to raise funds to protect Asian Elephants.

The funds raised will go to the Indian Elephant Corridors appeal, a collaborative project between the World Land Trust (WLT) and the Wildlife Trust of India that is creating protected wildlife corridors connecting National Parks and protected areas to others. This is giving Asian Elephants and India’s other impressive species’ space to roam.

The exclusive event caused a media storm in the country as Bollywood superstar, Madhuri Dixit, and England cricketer and WLT Patron, David Gower, turned out to represent WLT and showed their great support for our conservation work.

After the Event

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit with auctioneer David Bennet during the auction of the Ganesh. Photo © Gemfields

India’s glitterati gathered in force on Friday evening, as the Emeralds for Elephants auction drew to an exciting finale. The Emeralds for Elephants collection raised a staggering total of US$750,000 with US$150,000 being raised for WLT destined for the the Indian Elephant Corridors appeal.

The exclusive event was organised by WLT’s corporate supporter Gemfields, one of the world’s leading coloured-gemstone producers that brings ethically mined Zambian emeralds to the market. Each of the 10 jewellers who created bespoke jewellery for the Emeralds for Elephants collection used unique Zambian emeralds in their designs. 

Ian Harebottle, CEO of Gemfields, said:

“We are thrilled with the results of the auction, especially as this is the first time that an auction of this kind has been held in India.” He added: “We are proud to play a small part in being able to raise critical funds for the World Land Trust’s Indian Elephant Corridor Project and look forward to continuing our work together to ensure the survival of natural habitats.”

Ambassador for the project, Madhuri Dixit, attended the auction where she addressed guests on why she had given her support to the cause:

“This collaboration demonstrates that everyone has something to give”, she said, “and I believe that we all need to give something back to the natural world we share with these animals.” 

Madhuri was joined by David Gower, who once again showed his commitment to protecting the natural world. Speaking at the auction, David said:

“This is Indian land, Indian natural heritage and World Land Trust are of the opinion that the Indian people are the best ones to protect and conserve it for future generations.”

He added: “With India being home to 60% of the world’s remaining Asian Elephants, their survival in India is critical to the survival of the species as a whole. World Land Trust is dedicated to supporting Wildlife Trust of India in the mission to secure a future for Elephants.” 

Event Extras

Emeralds for Elephants video

Madhuri Dixit

Emeralds for Elephants brand ambassador and Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit.

Film created by CanazWest Pictures


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