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Colourful Encounters: Toucans and other Ecuadorian Birds

Gould's Toco Toucan Lithograph
Date and Time: 
8 July 2010
Sotheran's bookshop, London

On the 8th July antiquarian book shop Sotheran's unveiled John Gould toucan original printed lithographs, as well as some of his other images of beautiful birds, which helped raise funds for WLT. This exciting exhibition entitled ‘Colourful Encounters’ was held in the Antique print department and the full catalogue can be viewed on the Sotheran's website.  

Sotheran's are very supportive of the work of the World Land Trust and the fact that toucans are flagship species of many of the Trust's rainforest reserves throughout South America, makes this a highly appropriate partnership.

After the event

This exhibition of John Gould's unique and beautiful work was a celebration of all that is wonderful and awe-inspiring about toucans and WLT are grateful to Sotheran's for donating 50% of the profits to the Trust’s project partners in Ecuador: Fundación Jocotoco and Fundación EcoMinga

Event Extras

Read about a previous exhibition of Gould’s work.

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