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WLT's Exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010

World Land Trust: Saving the Atlantic Rainforest

WLT's exhibit for the Chelsea Flower Show 2010: A piece of the Atlantic Rainforest
The finished exhibit

The design of the WLT exhibit 'World Land Trust: Saving the Atlantic Rainforest' (left) and the finished exhibit, which won Gold Medal and Best in Section at the show. See the exhibit being set up day-by day here. (Click on the images to see larger versions).

The exhibit also showed live streaming from a webcam situated in the Guapi Assu Reserve (REGUA) in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil.

Sir Ghillean Prance (FRS, PPLS, VHM, Director of Kew 1988-99, Scientific Director of the Eden Project) says:

“The World Land Trust has filled a vitally important niche in the conservation world by funding the purchase and protection of threatened rainforest habitat, and I am heartened by the contribution they are making to preserve some of the last surviving Atlantic Rainforest. The Atlantic Rainforest is a hotspot for biodiversity and one of the most critically endangered. It is very important to draw attention to this region with so many endemic species of plants. I am absolutely delighted that we will be able to bring these forests to the attention of visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show and hope that this will further interest in conservation of this precious ecosystem.”

Why an Atlantic Rainforest themed garden?

Brimming with life, the Atlantic Rainforest is an amazing treasure trove of biological diversity, providing essential ecological services for the health of the planet and a virtually untapped number of daily resources. It is home to the Guaraní peoples who were the original occupants of a large part of Paraguay, Argentina and southern Brazil.

The World Land Trust exhibit ‘Saving the Atlantic Rainforest’ explored the work of the Trust and its local partners in South America in the preservation of the Atlantic Rainforest. It focused on main project areas including the Province of Misiones in northeast Argentina, which contains the largest remaining contiguous tract of southern Atlantic rainforest, working with Fundación Frontera Verde. Other important project areas are located in the REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapi Assu) Reserve in Brazil and the forests of San Rafael in Paraguay where WLT works with Guyra Paraguay.

The Exhibit plants

The exhibit was strongly plant-focused and included sustainably-sourced indigenous forest species and plants used in the houseplant trade. Our Scientific Advisor was Professor Sir Ghillean Prance FRS, PPLS, VMH, Director of RBG Kew 1988-99, Scientific Director of the Eden Project and an expert on the flora of the region.
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A main focal point of the exhibit was the Ranger’s Hut, which included interpretative material and a plasma screen with a live video link into the forest in REGUA. Adjacent to the hut was a kitchen garden, with a variety of edible plants from the rainforest.
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An area representing a tree nursery, helped visitors learn about the reforestation projects taking place in both the Brazilian and Paraguayan WLT projects. At REGUA in Brazil a tree nursery has been created from seeds collected locally. These have provided seedlings for the planting of more than 18,000 trees so far. A total of 40,000 trees are planned to be planted within the next three years.

Tree nursery in Brazil

Tree nursery at the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest project. (See a larger image.)


Bringing the Project to Life

See the exhibit being set up here »


Sally and Jeremy Seeley, Drab Ltd

Set Build

Ed Terran, School House Design and Film Studies

Overall Coordination

Elaine Shaughnessy, World Land Trust,


Jenny Chattington, World Land Trust,


Viv Burton, World Land Trust,

World Land Trust Chelsea Steering Committee

Sir Kenneth Carlisle WLT Trustee (Chair)
John Burton WLT Chief Executive Officer
Viv Burton WLT Head of Communications
Emma Beckett WLT Press & PR
Kirsty Burgess WLT Conservation Programmes Manager
Marie Chambers WLT Conservation Communications Manager
Jenny Chattington WLT Operating Officer
Chris Jenkin WLT Corporate Sponsor, MD Enterprise Plants
Sir Ghillean Prance WLT Scientific Advisor, Scientific Director, Eden Project
Sally and Jeremy Seeley WLT Designers, Drab Ltd
Elaine Shaughnessy WLT Communications Development Manager / Chelsea Flower Show Co-ordinator (Convenor)
Mark Sparrow Chester Zoo

World Land Trust thanks all its sponsors who have helped realise the vision of bringing a tiny corner of the Atlantic Rainforest to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 2010.

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