Saving threatened habitats worldwide

The British Birdwatching Fair

WLT staff at the Birdfair
Date and Time: 
17 - 19 August 2012
Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland Water, LE15 8BT

World Land Trust (WLT) showcased there conservation projects during the annual Birdfair to raise awareness about protecting threatened habitats across the planet.

The WLT team also gave visitors information on how visiting our partners' nature reserves across the world can directly support their conservation project.

After the Event

John Burton (WLT’s CEO) gave a lecture on ‘Fieldguides: first step for conservation in the developing world’, while at the stall the WLT team were joined by Rodrigo Zárate from our partner organisation in Paraguay. Rodrigo talked about the birdwatching and ecotourism highlights you can experience by visiting the nature reserves that WLT and Guyra Paraguay work together to protect. 

Hyacinth Macaw

WLT-funded nature reserves in Paraguay are a haven for bird life, providing vital habitat for Endangered species like the Hyacinth Macaw © Chris Knowles

The location of Paraguay in the centre of South America makes it an important stop-over for migratory birds, while the reserves are home to the Endangered Hyacinth Macaw, the Endangered Crowned Solitary Eagle and the Harpy Eagle – the largest and most powerful raptor found in the Americas.

The reserves also protect many flagship species, such as big cats – Jaguars and Pumas – while providing a safe haven for Endangered species, like the ‘three giants’ – the Giant Anteater, Giant Otter and Giant Armadillo. By visiting the reserves you will be directly supporting the conservation of these endangered species.

Once again at our stall we were hosting our coffee sponsor Miko, who served free Puro Fairtrade Coffee and explained how they support WLT’s conservation projects.

Visitor to the stall discovered more about our work saving some of the most threatened habitats and wildlife in the world.

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