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Big Match Fortnight 2015

Big Match Fortnight images of Steve Backshall, Spectacled Bear, Black-and-chestnut Eagle and Buckley's Slender-legged Tree Frog.
Date and Time: 
1-15 October 2015

World Land Trust (WLT) raised £280,000 to protect threatened cloud forest and rare species in Ecuador during Big Match Fortnight in October 2015.

The Forests in the Sky Appeal aims to raise £500,000 and WLT continues to call for donations to meet the target by Christmas. Funds raised are being used to purchase and protect habitat between Llanganates and Sangay National Parks in Eastern Ecuador.

The corridor is home to a wide range of mammals including Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus), Mountain Tapir (Tapirus pinchaque), Tamandua (Tamandua tetradactyla), Margay (Leopardus wiedii), Puma (Puma concolor) and several species of monkey.

This area is also a centre for plant endemism and a unique location for orchids, including newly discovered species of the genus Teagueia and little known orchid species including Platystele species (the world's smallest orchid). Other remarkable flora includes trees such as Blakea attenboroughii, a tree discovered by EcoMinga in 2007 and named for WLT Patron Sir David Attenborough.

Steve Backshall

Television presenter and conservationist Steve Backshall is championing the appeal. He said: “I love Ecuador. I love the rainforest and its creatures great and small. To me it is just as important to save poisonous frogs and discover tiny new orchids as it is to save large mammals such as Spectacled Bears. Each is unique and important and this latest WLT project has them all, just waiting to be saved.”

After Big Match Fortnight, Steve praised donors for their generosity. He said: am amazed by the support for the Forests in the Sky Appeal during Big Match Fortnight - what an achievement in just two weeks! But we still need to raise the balance and I’m hoping we can do this before Christmas. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.”

Donations doubled

During the first two weeks of October, donations to WLT’s Forests in the Sky Appeal were matched pound for pound with funds pledged in advance by a small group of generous donors.

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