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Big Match Fortnight 2017 raises £100,000 in first week

11 October, 2017 - 11:35 -- World Land Trust
Sierra Santa Cruz
Map of Sierra Santa Cruz

Big Match Fortnight is underway, with £50,000 of donations pouring in for the Treasure Chest Appeal, which has now been doubled by match sponsors to £100,000.

The appeal was launched by an inspirational message from WLT Patron Steve Backshall in the video below, saying “What do you think of when I say the word Caribbean? Perhaps it’s aquamarine seas, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees- it could even be pirates trying to find treasure. Well, today there may not be gold and silver and gems but there is a real treasure to be protected in the Caribbean.”

Rainforest reserve could mean new species discoveries

Marco Cerezo, General Director of Foundation for Ecodevelopment and Conservation (FUNDAECO), is excited that explorations into this relatively unexplored area once the reserve has been created could mean discoveries of species new to science. The few researchers who have visited Sierra Santa Cruz have already discovered two species of frog that are unique to this mountain range, and have been classified as Critically Endangered.

Marco said “It is important to say that these new species to science have been discovered by the very few scientific expeditions to the area. It is a very isolated area, there are no roads into the mountain range, and we believe that once it is protected, with support from WLT, we will do new research expeditions and we are pretty sure that we are going to discover new species to science.

“We’ll have new species of insects, certainly, and potentially new species of frog or other amphibians, because it is a very poorly studied mountain range in Guatemala.”

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The Treasure Chest Appeal needs to raise £625,000 to purchase and protect a 2,500 acre (1,000 hectare) reserve in the Sierra Santa Cruz rainforest. This appeal got off to a running start, raising £100,000 in donations received by post, phone, online and by text.  But we still have a way to go before we can declare this unique mountain rainforest as safe from deforestation.

Please donate below to ensure your donation will be doubled by our match sponsors (Big Match Fortnight ends October 18).


with PayPal

You can also donate by texting TTCA17 with an amount up to £10 to 70070.


Submitted by Dominic Belfield on

Heartening news! Well done everyone - shows that we are rallying to the cause with gusto. But the prize is great and the time window is soon to close...

Please pitch in if you can - my certificate is already up on my kitchen wall and looking good - to share in the glow, make your contribution pronto!

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