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Olympic Forest Appeal exceeds target

23 August, 2016 - 08:19 -- World Land Trust
Brown-throated Two-toed Sloth

World Land Trust would like to thank all the generous supporters of the Olympic Forest Appeal. With your help, we have raised £46,904 to save a vital parcel of Atlantic Forest with WLT’s partner in Brazil, Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA).

This money is funding the purchase of 221 acres (89.5 hectares) of forest which will be named the Olympic Forest Reserve as a conservation legacy for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The Olympic Forest Appeal was championed by gold medal winner Helen Glover, who is engaged to wildlife presenter and WLT patron Steve Backshall.

Steve took to Twitter to thank supporters of the appeal, saying “It’s been an enormous success. Not only have we reached our £40,000 target, but we’ve surpassed it and that means that a vast area of Atlantic Forest in Brazil can be protected for future generations, and all the biodiversity- all the life that relies on it can be protected too.”

Very many thanks to Helen and Steve for promoting the appeal far and wide and to everyone who supported this appeal, with a special mention to  Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini for raising over £10,000 in sponsorship through the London 2 Brighton Challenge, Nature Picture Library and Anthony Gold.


Submitted by Chris Haskell on

Hi WLT, I am interested to know - if the target to purchase the land was £40000 - what happens to the extra £6904 that was raised? I'm sure I'm not the only person who will be wondering this, which is why I'm posting here. Thanks in advance, & I should say that reaching & exceeding the target was brilliant news!!

Submitted by John Burton on

Since the original agreement to purchase the land was made Britain has voted for Brexit. This has had the result of devaluing the pound. And the Brazilian Real and Dollars both cost us far more to buy, to make the payments for the land purchase. If, after transferring the funds we find we have any funds in hand they would definitely be used to support the same project, as there are many other expenses involved, in particular the the costs of the Rangers (Keepers of the Wild) who are critical to protecting land once purchased. We can assure all donors that any excess funds always go to the project that has been donated to.

John Burton, Director of Partnerships

Submitted by Chris Haskell on

Only curious!

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