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15 July, 2016 - 12:33 -- World Land Trust
John Burton and Ranger Gor

The end of this week marks the end of an era for me, and I am frequently being asked what it all means.

Next Monday, Dr Debbie Pain takes over the helm of World Land Trust (WLT), as CEO, and I step aside. After 27 years, it is certainly time for someone else to take charge and lead the Trust into the future.

But I will stay involved, albeit moving sideways, where I will be maintaining contact with some of the key figures in the development of WLT.

First and foremost I will be working with our conservation partner NGOs, and arranging site visits for donors to see the conservation in action. I will also be maintaining and passing on all the contacts and networks we have developed over the years.

Since the foundation of WLT we have raised over £32 million, and most of this has gone to land acquisition.  Because so much land has been saved we realise that we have a committment to help protect it and more recently we have been raising funds for rangers – the Keepers of the Wild. we have set an ambitious target of £750,000 to reach by 2020.

The more I see of the rangers in the field, the more impressed I am by their dedication and the results of their work. To use WLT Council member Simon Barnes’ description – they really are ‘keystone species’.  So I will be working to help raise those funds, and I hope readers of my blog will pass on the message about the good work ‘our’ rangers do.

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