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Forests in the Sky Appeal: making dreams come true

14 October, 2015 - 15:44 -- World Land Trust
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A community reserve stands to benefit from World Land Trust’s Forests in the Sky Appeal.

In the cloud forest of central Ecuador, the residents of the small town Machay have created their own reserve. The local people are proud of their beautiful valley, and bring tourists to marvel at the waterfalls, forests and the spectacular birds and animals that live there.

To enhance the protected area and support the residents’ conservation initiative, WLT’s conservation partner Fundación EcoMinga plans to buy and protect land around the community forest. The land purchase will be funded by donations to WLT’s Forests in the Sky Appeal.

In a recent video interview, Lou Jost, co-founder of EcoMinga, describes EcoMinga’s vision for the community reserve: “What we plan to do is buy forest around their protected area and enlarge it, giving them a better protected forest, which is able to support a larger and more sustainable population of animals and birds. We feel like we’re assisting with local people in making their own dreams come true.”


Ecotourism is a vital source of income for the local community, and gives residents a reason to conserve the forest. By protecting the natural environment, local people are investing in their own livelihoods.

Big Match Fortnight

During Big Match Fortnight, 1-15 October 2015, all donations made to the Forests in the Sky Appeal will be doubled thanks to match funding pledged in advance by a small group of generous donors.

Just under £200,000 (including match funding) has been raised so far towards the appeal target of £500,000. Please give generously.

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Submitted by Dominic Belfield on

Imagine you're an extraterrestrial space traveller and you've journeyed vast distances across the universe to find a planet harbouring life. Here you've got supremely lucky, and how. Because here there's a planet not just capable of supporting life but positively bursting with it.

Yes, but "Earth" (more properly 'Saline' : 70% covered with) third rock from the Sun, needs your help now with an up-front investment in safeguarding its fabulous life-filled spaces. Specifically the montane rainforests of Equatorial South America.

How to do it? Easy. English pounds sent to WLT, but soon, to reap a doubling bonus effect. Come on, what are you waiting for....?

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