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Puro releases film about new species in Ecuador

13 May, 2015 - 16:50 -- World Land Trust
A frog (Pristimantis puruscafeum) climbing on an orchid (Teagueia puroana).

Puro Fairtrade Coffee has released the first in a series of films, shot by videographer Kendal Kempsey. Puro is a corporate sponsor of World Land Trust (WLT) and Puro funding has enabled the creation of several reserves in partnership with WLT.

The first video to be released was filmed in Ecuador. It focuses on two species that were discovered in the Cerro Candelaria Reserve and named after Puro: a species of orchid (Teagueia puroana) and a species of frog (Pristimantis puruscafeum).

Cerro Candelaria is owned and managed by Fundación EcoMinga, one of WLT’s partners in Ecuador. In the video Lou Jost, founder of EcoMinga and renowned botanist, describes the scientific importance of the area and the role of Puro and WLT in protecting it: “The partnership that we developed between EcoMinga and World Land Trust connected us with people [such as Puro] who care about nature around the world and who are willing to finance these kinds of land purchases.”

Puro Coffee Ecuador Rainforest Reserve from Puro Fairtrade Coffee on Vimeo.

The film also features EcoMinga herpetologist Juan Pablo Reyes, who discovered the Pristimantis puruscafeum, and wildlife ranger Luis Recalde, whose work is funded by Puro through WLT’s Keepers of the Wild programme. 

Andy Orchard from Puro, who conceived and produced the films, spoke about their intended purpose. “My hope is that the films might help to inspire new long-term WLT corporate supporters, whilst further facilitating the sharing of problems faced and solutions possible across these partner regions.”

Cerro Candelaria Reserve is located in the paramó and cloud forests of Central Ecuador in the eastern Andes. The reserve forms part of a biological corridor, connecting the national parks of Llanganates and Sangay. The area is a rich centre for biodiversity and features rare orchids as well as many threatened species of mammal, bird and amphibian.

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Since its founding in 2005 Puro Coffee has donated 2 per cent of its sales to WLT, enabling the creation of reserves in Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and Malaysian Borneo

You can help support conservation in Ecuador by donating to the Keepers of the Wild programme.

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Submitted by Dominic Belfield on

If ever you want reasons to support WLT and its partners, or even to drink the top quality coffee produced by Puro, s'easy - watch this video.
It's really beautiful, gives you a taste of Ecuador and its forests, and transports coffee drinking into a whole new pleasure.
Well done to everyone involved; delightful !

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