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WLT’s Venezuelan partners join global leadership programme

29 October, 2014 - 16:24 -- World Land Trust
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Bibiana (left) and Mariana (right) plant trees.

Two representatives of Asociación Civil Provita, the Venezuelan conservation partner of World Land Trust (WLT), have been selected to join a leadership programme designed to address the impact of climate change.

The training programme will give Bibiana Sucre and Mariana Cover Rincón of Provita the opportunity to join a global network of leaders committed to solving the problems caused by climate change.

Established by the Climate Reality Project under the chairmanship of US politician Al Gore, the programme brings together individuals and experts to explore solutions to the unfolding environmental crisis caused by the gradual warming of the planet.

Bibiana visited the UK earlier in 2014 for WLT’s 25th Anniversary Partners Symposium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She explained why the programme is so important: “The Climate Reality leadership training will help us create many projects to promote awareness and direct action on climate change in schools, communities and universities here in Venezuela. Furthermore, we’ll be able to train more volunteers and multiply this effort!”

Over the course of three days in early November, participants will hear from experts about climate change science as well as their experiences educating and engaging diverse networks and communities. Bibiana and Mariana will also have the chance to connect with a group of extraordinary leaders from a variety of sectors and countries around the world.

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The participants’ training costs training costs are covered by the Climate Reality Project, a not for private profit organisation involved in education and advocacy related to climate change.

Bibiana and Mariana are currently raising funds to cover their travel expenses to Rio de Janeiro where the programme is being held.

“We have launched a crowd funding page to help cover some of the travel costs. It is the first time we have tried crowdfunding and I hope World Land Trust will help us spread the word to help us become Climate Leaders,” said Bibiana.

Bibiana and Mariana will plant a tree in the name of anyone who donates US$20 or more; so far six tree seeds have been sown. The programme runs from 4-5 November 2014 and their fundraising target is US$3,000.

Visit their crowdfunding page »


Submitted by Bob A. on

Just donated, but the fees the campaigners suffer from Indiegogo are large, its too bad WLT couldnt handle this or even Rainforest Trust that has 501c status and funds disbursed through RT since they operate in USD, which would save on fees.

note there are other platforms that may better suit non-profits.


Many thanks for your donation and your suggestion Bob, it is the first time we do a crowdfunding, but will definitely learn from the experience. We made it to the training, an amazing opportunity! We planted a seed to thank your support, find the picture and follow its progress on our facebook page.

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