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Keeper of the Wild Abel reports from Sierra Gorda

Abel in the forest with a camera.

Ranger Abel Reséndiz is employed by Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) with funds from World Land Trust's Keepers of the Wild programme. The following field notes reflect the success of Abel's work to protect and monitor wildlife in reserves in Sierra Gorda supported by WLT. 

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31 September: Cañón Largo area [Hoya Verde reserve] - where the pond is, among the Sweetgums found fresh White-tailed Deer tracks

1 October: Las Canalitas reserve - all fine, no cattle, plenty of Singing Quail and a Rattlesnake

2 October: Went to the Magnolia Canyon [Hoya Verde reserve] - found Bearded Wood Partridges [vulnerable to extinction] and 15 Coatimundis, the forest very wet and fine

3 October: Cerro del Pino [part of Cañón del Fresno reserve] - found fresh Puma tracks

4 October: Cañón del Fresno - found a freshly killed Armadillo [Nine-banded], eaten by a Puma. All fine, no cattle

5 October: Tinaja del Zapote [reserve between Cañón del Fresno and Las Arenitas] - Brocket Deer [Central American Red Brocket Deer] tracks and Bearded Wood Partridges, no cattle

20 October:  Surveillance trip to Cerro de los Tejones [near to Cañón del Fresno reserve] - found three Crested Guans and many Singing Quail

21 October: Trip to Las Canalitas reserve - big Rattlesnake, all fine

22 October: Tinaja reserve - Puma and Brocket Deer tracks [Central American Red Brocket Deer], all fine

23 October: Cañón del Fresno - plenty of Javelina [Collared Peccary] tracks and they are feeding on the wild guavas

24 October: Went to the Cañón Largo area [Hoya Verde reserve] - all fine and found a flock of seven Bearded Wood Partridges

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To address the ongoing need to increase protection for reserves and protected areas, WLT is raising funds to support more reserve rangers through the Keepers of the Wild appeal.

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