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Footballers and bankers’ salaries

4 July, 2012 - 10:24 -- John Burton

Amidst the news of economic turmoil in Europe and all the bad publicity surrounding the banks – in particular the ludicrous salaries and bonuses being paid to bankers – I suddenly noticed something that does not appear to have been commented on. The link between bankers, and that other group of ridiculously overpaid performers: footballers.

I noticed that Barclays Bank sponsor the UK’s Premier League football. Now why should one group of overpaid executives decide to subsidise another group of overpaid performers? Surely subsidies should go to supporting those less well off, i.e. Charities?

Presumably part of the deal is that executives from the bank get to see football matches. Now here at the World Land Trust (WLT), we would be more than happy to show those same executives what we achieve by conserving the rainforests, but one can only assume this is less appealing than a Saturday night at a football match.

I have no idea how much Barclays Bank pours into subsidising Premier League football, but what I do know is that money would certainly save vast areas of land and a huge amount of biodiversity.

When bankers are told they should accept more social responsibility, this is certainly one way they could do it – so please pass the message on, particularly if you bank at Barclays.

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