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Mark Avery’s Blog: controversial topics

23 April, 2012 - 12:25 -- John Burton

Some of my readers may like to subscribe to Mark Avery’s blogs. Mark was formerly Director of Conservation at RSPB, but since ‘retiring’ has found a new liberated role in his blogs.

While always happy to deal with controversial topics in the past, he is now saying things that some of us would like to say but feel constrained from doing so because of our day jobs.

So have a read: you may not always agree with what he writes, but he will certainly make you think.

I was particularly interested – or rather amused – to see his blog on Tesco's teaming up with RSPB. This supermarket mega-company has been trying to open a store in the little rural town of Halesworth – where World Land Trust (WLT) is based – despite significant opposition from, I imagine, local RSPB members. It’s interesting to note that Tesco is one of relatively few businesses to have a whole Wikipedia site devoted to negative comments on the company.

To find out more about my stand on this issue, read an earlier blog: Who should a charity accept money from?

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