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Computer Game set to Save Thousands of Acres for Conservation in Just Two Weeks

25 April, 2012 - 11:44 -- World Land Trust

April 2012:  International conservation charity, the World Land Trust (WLT) is delighted to be the beneficiary charity of the proceeds from a Humble Bundle promotion for Amanita Design’s brand new adventure game, Botanicula. In the latest instalment from Amanita Design, gamers will see five tree creatures set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree, which is under attack from evil parasites. In the four days since the launch, nearly 1000 real acres of endangered habitat have already been saved.

Developed for Mac, Windows and Linux users, the creators have, in an innovative twist, given their customers the choice of how much they would like to pay for the content offered. As a default, the contribution to WLT from each bundle purchased is 30%. However, customers are also given the choice of how they wish their purchase to be split between World Land Trust, the developers and Humble Bundle, meaning that they can choose to donate the full 100% of their contribution to the Trust for conservation, if they so wish.

Even after just four days, funds raised from the promotion (which runs for an initial two-week period) have already saved an astounding 920 acres of critically threatened habitat and in turn, the wealth of biodiversity that depends upon it.  John Burton, CEO of WLT has said of the collaboration:  “I am writing this while I am on a field visit to Paraguay where the threats to their forests and other wilderness are staring me in the face. To get news of this fantastic success is very exciting and I congratulate Amanita Design on this stunning initiative.

"It is both encouraging and inspiring to see individuals from completely different backgrounds using their talents and innovation to really make a difference to saving the natural world.  In the case of Botanicula, this difference is already a very significant one and we are looking forward to using the funds to save real acres in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Colombia where we can save One Acre for £100”.

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