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Newly-Discovered Species of Orchid Named to Honour Puro Coffee’s commitment to conservation

9 September, 2011 - 15:40 -- World Land Trust
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September 2011: International conservation charity the World Land Trust (WLT) is delighted to announce the naming of an orchid in honour of corporate sponsor, Puro Coffee, and their on-going support and donations to WLT’s land purchase projects. Since launching in 2006, Puro Coffee immediately committed to donating 2% of sales to WLT, this has funded the creation of a 5,330 acre reserve in Ecuador.

T. puroana

T. puroana named in honour of WLT corporate suppporter Puro.

The world-renowned botanist and director of WLT’s Ecuadorian project partner, Fundacion EcoMinga, Dr Lou Jost has recently discovered a new orchid species of the genus Teagueia, in the Cerro Candelaria reserve in central Ecuador. The orchid is endemic to the high mountains of the upper Rio Pastaza watershed, and is a member of one of the most remarkable plant radiations in the world. The Cerro Candelaria reserve is proving to be a real treasure-trove of biodiversity, with many new species of orchid being discovered, as well as new species of frogs and other wildlife. The orchid has been officially named Teagueia puroana in their honour.

WLT works to purchase and protect critically endangered habitats all over the world, and Puro Coffee’s support has been growing year on year over the past five years. The National Trust is just one of many who have been quick to embrace Puro’s Fairtrade coffee and ethical commitment. Every employee, volunteer and visitor to any of the 150 National Trust catering outlets drinking a cup of coffee in a National Trust restaurant will directly contribute to the important work being carried out by WLT. As a result of Puro Coffee’s unprecedented growth it is possible for the WLT to increase the size of the reserves being supported, saving more tropical forests and their endangered wildlife.

For centuries the scientific naming of species has traditionally been used to recognise contributions to biology and Puro Coffee are thrilled to be honoured in this way.

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