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Keepers of the Wild

17 February, 2011 - 10:18 -- John Burton
Messias - a ranger at REGUA with the BIAZA reserve behind him

The Keepers of the Wild Appeal will fund Rangers in Reserves such as REGUA shown here.

The World Land Trust's Keepers of the Wild campaign got off to a flying start, with $100,000 already committed.

With matching funds available, it is now our target to double this amount in the first six months of 2011. Our partner organisations have been really enthusiastic about this initiative because, as they all keep reminding us, once the land is bought, we then have to protect it, for ever.

The figures we quote are genuine. On average £5000 will put a ranger in the field for a year. In some places it is a bit more, in others a bit less. Of course there are other costs, and our partners will always welcome support for providing vehicles, computers, GIS and all the other paraphernalia that is needed efficient protection of a reserve.

The first rangers have already been appointed, and we are starting to get feedback. Photos from the field, reports and sightings of wildlife will all be posted on the WLT website soon.

Sponsor your 'own' ranger for £5000

So if you know of a business or an individual who really want to engage in conservation persuade them to put up £5000; a ranger will be identified, and he or she will send regular reports and photos from the field.

This is not some sort of adoption scheme where everyone is adopting the same whale or zoo animal. Each sponsor will get their 'own' ranger. If the campaign is successful, obviously we hope that the funders will want to carry on, but the commitment is for one year at a time.

So please pass the word on; the WLT's success has relied heavily on word of mouth, or copies of emails these days. It's so much more cost effective than flashy advertising.

More information on Keepers of the Wild

Find out more about Keepers of the Wild on the WLT website.

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