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The elephant population in the room

13 July, 2010 - 12:09 -- John Burton

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now on the agenda of most larger companies. Carbon footprints are on most people's lips; saving energy, cutting down waste, recycling, growing your own food,  buying local produce, buying sustainable products and so on.

But the Elephant in the Room that is rarely mentioned is human populations.  Burgeoning human populations with ever increasing economic expectations cannot be sustained. Our Patron, Sir David Attenborough has made a TV programme about it. To anyone with a modicum of scientific training and a  passing knowledge of economics it is blatantly obvious that the real crisis has yet to come, and as has been described in the past, it is a bomb, and the fuse has been lit.

So the Royal Society, the great bastion of the Scientific Establishment in Britain has set up an enquiry. According to a recent press release:

" The UK's Royal Society is launching a major study into human population growth and how it may affect social and economic development in coming decades. The world's population has risen from two billion in 1930 to 6.8 billion now, with nine billion projected by 2050. The society acknowledges it is delving into a hugely controversial area, but says a comprehensive and scientific review of the evidence is needed."

So it's the usual response to a crisis: form a committee and do more research.  Meanwhile the crisis deepens, and the politicians will go to their cabinet meetings, subsidise a few wind turbines, and ignore the elephant that is sitting in the room.

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