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Elephants on Parade

18 June, 2010 - 11:49 -- John Burton
Pearly Prince

London has recently been invaded by a herd of over 250 Elephants (and the internet similarly invaded).  The Elephant Parade is organised by the Elephant Family charity, and is proving to be an amazing publicity generating operation which ultimately will generate a lot of funds.

The WLT has worked closely with Elephant Family over the past few years, and it has been our joint funding that has enabled our partners the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to successfully create elephant corridors in Kerala and Meghalaya.

Most of the Elephants are sponsored by businesses, and all are decorated, some by well known artists such as Mark Quinn, others by up-and-coming artists. A few of the elephants are dedicated to charities, and The World Land Trust elephant (the Pearly Prince, pictured) is on show in the window of Coutts Bank, in the Strand. Another even more spectacular elephant, the Emerald Queen, is jointly dedicated to WLT and Elephant Family, with a 600 carat emerald as part of its regalia.

In a few weeks time the elephants will be sold off, and many thousands of pounds will be raised for elephant conservation, and in particular, elephant corridors. So do check out the links on this page, and do pass on the word, and do encourage as many people as possible to support this campaign.

While each elephant costs from £2000 to over £100,000 there are also much more modestly priced bracelets (available online from Kabiri) commemorating the elephants or you can simply make an online donation of whatever you feel appropriate.   But we are making real progress in linking together the remaining fragmented habitats of elephants (and if elephants can use them, so can tigers and a lot of other wildlife).

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