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1,700 acres of Brazilian rainforest saved; 18,000 acres now protected

5 August, 2009 - 20:41 -- World Land Trust
Carlos and Anna Lemgruber

Carlos and Anna Lemgruber, owners of the 1,700 acre property, transferring the ownership of the land to REGUA for permanent protection. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Fantastic news from Brazilian partners REGUA: they have been successful with the purchase of a 1,700 acre property adjacent to the recently acquired Matumbo Gap properties, meaning that REGUA now own and manage over 18,000 acres of Atlantic Rainforest.

This area, acquired with the support from World Land Trust (WLT) and members of Biaza (British and Irish Zoos and Aquariums) fits within REGUA's long-term strategy to create a corridor between their existing reserve to join with the International Primatology Center, located to the west of REGUA. Recognising the importance of this habitat, WLT acquired a loan in order to secure the property as soon as possible, and although the contract has now been signed, WLT still need to raise funds for this strategic property.

You can help: Protect rainforest in Brazil, make a donation to save acres of rainforest in Brazil here.

Learn more about the REGUA Project here

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