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Sir David Attenborough in Spain

11 June, 2009 - 13:03 -- John Burton

Suddenly the World Land Trust has had a flurry of publicity in Spanish newspapers, and Spanish language newspapers from South America. The reason, it seems, is that Sir David Attenborough received an award in Asturias, and the newspapers picked up on the fact that he was Patron of the World Land Trust.

David Attenborough talking about his support for the World Land Trust's conservation work

Great publicity, and there is no doubt that Sir David's long-standing support of the WLT from the day it was launched has been a significant factor in helping us get better known.

It was a few weeks ago now, but when we held a meeting for our supporters in Bristol, Sir David gave an impromptu speech about the WLT, which not only demonstrated how he acquired his reputation as the world's number one communicator, but also explained how the WLT operated in such a lucid and concise way, that we all wondered why we had never managed to put in that way before.

That is what a brilliant communicator does -- once they have said it, you understand, and wonder why it wasn't said like that before. Get inspired, and read what Sir David has said about us...

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