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To Eurostar and back

21 May, 2009 - 12:54 -- John Burton

Most of Tuesday was spent on a visit to Eurostar HQ in Ashford, Kent. Ironically, I had to drive, as going by train from East Anglia to Ashford by train would have taken over twice as long, as by car. I went there to give presentations to the team who work in the Eurostar Frequent Traveller department, as the Frequent Travellers are to be given the option of using their points to support World Land Trust projects.

I have never had such an enthusiastic reception from a group of corporate supporters -- a total of around 25 staff, and all seemed really enthused by our work, and keen to promote us as best they could. I really look forward to working with them all, and I know that they will all be signing up to our newsletters, news feeds etc. to ensure they're up to speed with our work in case their customers ask. And of course, Eurostar and rail travel in general are very natural partners for an environmentally aware traveller.

Exciting news for me was that soon it will be easy to make a highspeed connection from England to Amsterdam via Brussels. Since we work closely with Netherlands Committee for IUCN, this is good news for both organisations.

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