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"Large scale habitat restoration"

5 May, 2009 - 17:25 -- John Burton

This is the by-line for an article in this month's Natural World (the magazine of the Wildlife Trusts in UK), which landed on my desk today. It concerns a very interesting article by an old friend of mine, Frank Greenaway (ex Natural History Museum), about an amazing project to create habitat for Barbastelle Bats in Sussex.

Elephant corridor river crossing point

Elephant crossing point at the Simsang River, Siju-Rewak Elephant Corridor, India, which protects 1,700 acres (over 700 ha) of continuous forest for elephants and other wildlife.

For anyone interested in the WLT's elephant corridor project this really is a very interesting article, and further evidence of the importance of wildlife corridors. However, the magazine's by-line of large-scale habitat restoration did make me smile.

I suppose large-scale is all a matter of scale, but while there is absolutely no doubt in my mind of the importance of the Sussex project, it's a land purchase of 80 hectares, which does give a relative scale to what the WLT is doing -- where a land purchase of 800 ha would be considered small. But if you are a member of your local Wildlife Trust in England, do read the article -- it's very encouraging.

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