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30 April, 2009 - 13:39 -- John Burton

Monday afternoon we held one of our regular projects update meetings, where we discuss our current and future conservation projects. The list of active land purchases being supported by the WLT is still growing. In fact it is growing so fast that many of our supporters don't know that we are now developing projects that are not part of our regular list for donations. Our online and printed publications both have difficulty in keeping up with all the activity, but I believe that the issues are so urgent that we cannot afford to wait.

The WLT Action Fund is there to support all these new projects, and the Trustees of the WLT can use these funds for whatever is most urgent. That way, small, but vital projects in Guatemala and Tanzania have been funded, even though no specific appeal had been launched. So whilst one of the Trust's unique selling points is that donors are able to earmark donations for specific projects of their choice, please remember that when you support the Action Fund, it can make a huge difference, allowing us to act fast when new projects needs arise.

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