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Rising income despite economic climate

8 April, 2009 - 17:42 -- John Burton

A very busy day, with a new potential corporate supporter visiting today. I drafted a report on my visit to India, to be circulated to Trustees, and met with our web team to discuss new donation pages relating to the new Indian elephant corridor appeal.

This evening most of the staff are coming to our home for a farewell drink with Nacho, who returns to Paraguay at the weekend. Nacho, from our partner organisation Guyra Paraguay, has spent three weeks with the World Land Trust, and his visit has proved to be mutually beneficial. He has shown us how all Guyra's mapping systems work and he has seen how the funds are raised at this end. He has also visited other organisations in the UK: Yesterday he spent a very productive day with BirdLife International in Cambridge.

It is really encouraging to see the continued growth of the World Land Trust, despite the apparent economic turmoil. Income is still rising, and projects are all developing (although some are slower than others as land deals often take many months to complete). New support is mostly from small companies, with a genuine concern about the future of the planet -- not simply 'greenwash'. And while most charities are complaining about falling incomes, we are glad to report increases, which means we can save more wilderness, at a time when the threats are greater than ever. I do have to bear in mind that what we are doing is on a very minor scale -- but hopefully it encourages others, more powerful than the WLT.

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