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RSPB now saving acres of rainforest

16 March, 2009 - 12:05 -- John Burton

20 years after the World Land Trust (WLT) first started saving acres of rainforest by 'selling' them to the public, the RSPB are now doing the same (in Sumatra, Indonesia).

It's a great compliment to the innovative nature of WLT's fundraising. Some of our supporters are worried that our ideas are always being copied by other charities, but unless they are a scam, I see no problem with this. The more organisations saving wildlife the better, and the RSPB is certainly one of the world's best conservation groups. I often describe the WLT's mission as helping create mini-RSPBs all over the world. But caveat emptor there are hyenas out there, and a few of the organisations saving acres are not quite so transparent as the WLT or RSPB. Hidden in their small print will be words that allow them to use the money for other projects, and they may not actually be saving the land forever. So always make sure you really do know what your funds will be used for.

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