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A visit from Paraguay

24 March, 2009 - 12:59 -- John Burton

Today is a fairly typical day in the office, with meetings with staff, sorting out loose ends before I go to India on Thursday. Trying to sort out how much money we have available to transfer to Paraguay to keep the protection going. Making sure that our plans for all the events of the summer are on track.

And then just before mid-day Oscar Rodas (Nacho) arrived from Paraguay. He is the Coordinador Programa Paisajes at Guyra Paraguay, and one of his specialities is GIS. Over the next three weeks, Nacho will be working with everyone in the WLT, and doing training on GIS, as well as visiting nature reserves and other organisations in the UK. One of the facilities the WLT provides for our partners is study tours so that the staff of our partners can not only see how the WLT works and what is involved with fundraising, but they can also meet with donors, and enthuse both our staff and our supporters.

After settling into his accommodation, Nacho returned to the office with his laptop to catch up on his emails -- while here he also has to continue his ongoing work in Paraguay. Meanwhile I have to sort out some of the details for our "Great Ape Debate" at the Linnean Society next month.

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