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26 February, 2009 - 09:58 -- John Burton

I am constantly being asked how the World Land Trust is holding up in these difficult economic times, and when I tell my enquirers that so far we have not seen any significant drop income, I am usually asked what we put this down to, when everyone else is talking of gloom and doom. My response is that the reason we are successful, is simply because we are successful and transparent. The simple fact is that we have a clear track record, and we can demonstrate (to use a cliché) that we do what it says on the packet. Our message is simple: donate to us and we can save land, we can save endangered species. The proof is out there: thousands of acres, stronger local partners. All visible and visitable. And not many charities can demonstrate such clear cut results.

We still need all the support we can get, and we still need to increase the budgets we can give to our partners. Places like the Dry Chaco are more threatened than ever, but with your help we can save at least some parts.

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