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It's official - the price of paradise has gone up

8 May, 2007 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust
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For the past 18 years World Land Trust has been 'marketing' acres of rainforest (and other threatened habitats) at £25 an acre. These are real acres in real places, which are purchased and protected in perpetuity on your behalf by our overseas project partners. Rest assured, these are not just 'sponsored' acres which beg the question: Where? How? How long? These are real reserves which can be found on a map and you can even visit.

All over the world land prices are soaring and £25 is a ridiculously cheap price to pay for an acre of land that is so precious it is literally disappearing before our eyes. So, unfortunately, the price of paradise has doubled since you last looked.

From now on we are asking donors for £50 an acre and although this is a 100% increase, it is a small amount to pay for something that is so priceless and lasts forever. £25 will still be our target donation and we can, with hand on heart, promise to purchase and protect Half an Acre with at least 125 big trees and all their diverse and wonderful wildlife, on your behalf. We are reluctant to stretch your generosity but we want to be honest, and this is our first price rise in 18 years!

We feel sure that our supporters will embrace the £50-acre or, alternately, supporters can spread their donations over the year by becoming a WLT Partner and pledging a set amount each month.

John Burton
Chief Executive
May 8 2007

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