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Your Planet Needs YOU! Let's make Earth Day 2007 the day we save the World

15 March, 2007 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust

The World Land Trust wants to make Earth Day, 20th March 2007, the day the UK makes a real difference to the planet. Although we are one of the smallest countries in the world it is still possible for us to save an amazing One Million acres of rainforest, and other threatened habitats, in just one day. All you have to do is text WLT DONATE to 87050. Let's inspire the world and make the UK world leaders in rainforest preservation.

If every single person in the UK sends a text message, for the cost of only £1.50, about the same price of your Sunday paper, to 87050 and text WLT DONATE, the money raised will enable the World Land Trust to buy and conserve over one million acres of endangered habitat on behalf of all those who took part.

For every minute of every day it is estimated that 100 acres of tropical rainforest are destroyed. Just think, in the time it takes you to read this another 100 acres will be lost forever. If this destruction continues, by 2025 there won't be any rainforest left and two thirds of the world's plants and animals just wouldn't exist.

The World Land Trust works tirelessly to protect and manage threatened ecosystems of the world; purchasing endangered land and working with local communities to prevent deforestation and all their biodiversity.

Saving One Million acres IS possible, but everyone must help. This is a painless way of becoming a stakeholder - with no begging or sponsorship involved! It won't cost more than your daily cappuccino and won't take any longer to do than the time it takes drinking it.

So, go on and make your text count on Earth Day. Sending just one text message will allow you to tell your children you played your part in saving their planet.

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