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Sir David Attenborough urges the UK to Carbon Balance with the World Land Trust

2 June, 2006 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust

Sir David Attenborough must be congratulated for his profound documentary on climate change which hit our screens on Wednesday evening and left viewers in no doubt that climate change is having a devastating effect on our planet now. Climate change represents the largest single environmental challenge this century and we all must act now in order to pioneer a new era of environmentally responsible earthlings capable of saving the planet (with a little help from the World Land Trust)!

Sir David Attenborough is a patron of the World Land Trust, a UK registered charity with a seventeen year track record in conservation and preservation of threatened habitat and biodiversity. Through its tree planting and rainforest conservation projects WLT fights to reduce pressure on our climate and launched its innovative Carbon Balancing programme in March 2005.

Through the World Land Trust it costs £6.15 to offset one tonne of CO2. Average CO2 emissions per head in the UK are 3.06 tonnes costing the average individual a mere £18.77 to offset. With climate change clearly having a devastating effect on our planet how can we afford to ignore it?

Sir David Attenborough strongly supports the work of the Trust and released a statement saying "I welcome WLT's new Carbon-balancing programme as a way of helping put back what we are taking away. I would urge everyone to think deeply about what is important in life and to consider the consequences of daily activities. Balancing your carbon emissions with the WLT means that we are able to put even more back in to our key objectives - acquiring land for conservation."

The World Land Trust Carbon Balance programme gives companies and individuals alike a clear goal to assess, reduce and offset your emissions whilst providing the opportunity to invest in the planets climate and biodiversity.

Every single one of us is responsible for releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and driving global warming, and many of these omissions are unavoidable. But by donating £18.77 per year to carbon balance your daily activities and each time you fly logging onto the World Land Trust website to offset your flight emissions you will be making a positive impact on the environment and saving biodiversity.

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