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How far can green go? takes green a step further with World Land Trust Carbon Balanced

7 June, 2006 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust

The World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, (patron Sir David Attenborough), is helping the UK's fastest growing online travel businesses,, to take "going green" a step further. came to the WLT wanting to do something about the carbon dioxide emissions from their flights and also pledges to put something back into the planets biodiversity, which is as much under threat from climate change as we are., who have enjoyed staggering success in the £4.5billion UK online travel market, have been for some time considering how best to give something back to the environment. After careful consideration they decided that it wasn't enough for them simply to offer a carbon offset service to their clients and regenerate forest, they wanted to guarantee that for every customer that books with them they are preserving a tree in the existing rainforest.

John Burton, CEO of the WLT, commented "The significant feature of the support of is that it not only combats the very real issues of carbon emissions, but does it in a way that also helps conserve biodiversity. By protecting existing forests, endangered species can be saved, as well as preventing carbon being released when forests are destroyed." hopes that its move will have wide reaching implications for the travel industry. Paul Furner, Managing Director of said "we want to help the environment and protect endangered species, but it is also important to us to lead the way within the travel industry. This is something that all travel companies should be addressing right now, and if we can make them think about taking action then we will be happy."

Sir David Attenborough strongly supports the work of the Trust and has released a statement saying "I welcome WLT's new Carbon-balancing programme as a way of helping put back what we are taking away. I would urge everyone to think deeply about what is important in life and to consider the consequences of daily activities. Balancing your carbon emissions with the WLT means that we are able to put even more back in to our key objectives - acquiring land for conservation."

Every single one of us is responsible for releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and driving global warming, and many of these emissions are unavoidable. But by carbon balancing your holiday with and the World Land Trust you can now not only fly carbon neutral, but also help preserve our planets most threatened habitats and biodiversity.

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